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Skyline Scotland 2020

Event Team Applications opening February 2020


Many thanks for considering helping at Salomon Skyline Scotland in September 2020

We are taking a NEW approach for recruiting the Event Team at this event, and ask that you apply for a specific role now, rather than us allocating you a role before the event. We believe that this will help set your expectations at this early stage, and ensure we have a happy event team to support the event in roles they are best suited to.  Please find below information on the roles, how many spaces are available and what, if any, qualifications you will need to make it onto your chosen team.

  • Medical Team (~5 spaces). Medical support for participants and Event Team, based from the Event Centre. Healthcare professionals only, such as doctors, nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists.
  • Checkpoint Team (~40 spaces). Placing and collecting checkpoints on the course. Professional Outdoor qualification (such as Summer or Winter ML, IML, MIA, MIC) and/or, significant mountain navigational experience. Must have undertaken similar role before. Will need to drive their own or hire vehicle. 
  • Support Point Team (~10 spaces). Managing the daily support point. Essential to be able to drive an MPV hired by us. Previous volunteer experience important, and ideally having helped at a race support point before.
  • Event Centre Team (~30 spaces). Building and dismantling the Event Centre. Start/Finish and registration. Previous volunteer experience useful but not essential.  Must be fit and healthy as this can be a physical role.  
  • Admin Team (~10 spaces). Supporting the race administration. Highly organised with good attention to detail. Computer literate, technical IT knowledge useful.
  • Electrical Team (~2 spaces). Setting up electrics at the Event Centre. Qualified electrician and/or significant relevant experience.

Team Leaders (~6 spaces) If you feel you have the qualities to lead one of the teams, please indicate this on your application form.

Before completing the form below please:

  1. Check that you are happy with our Event Team Terms and Conditions (HERE) as you will need to agree to these before you can submit your application. 
  2. Check the date information below and be certain you are available to help for the entire period.
Team(s) Role(s) Required From Required Until



10:00 Thursday 19/09/19

19:00 Sunday 22/09/19



Applications to join the Event Team at Salomon Skyline Scotland are usually over subscribed and we try to pick the very best people to help us deliver a world-class event. You are more likely the get on the Event Team if:

  • You are willing to drive an event hire vehicle
  • You are willing to join any of the teams if your first choice is not possible




  • There is a briefing for the entire Event Team at 10:00 on Thursday 19th September 2019. It is essential that everyone attends. 
  • We will provide an Event Team accommodation from Thursday 19th September until Sunday 22nd September 2019 in the MOD hostel. NO accommodation will be provided on Wednesday 18th September.
  • We only accept Event Team applications from people who can commit to the entire time requirement shown above. Please don't think you can leave early at the end of the Event as this has a disproportionate impact on the ones left behind! It is essential that everyone stays until the end!



Update 15/9/2019 - applications closed