Skyline Scotland 2019 - Ourea Events

Skyline Scotland 2019

Applications for the Salomon Skyline Scotland Event Team will open in January 2019.

Before completing the form below please:

  1. Check that you are happy with our Event Team Terms and Conditions (HERE) as you will need to agree to these before you can submit your application. 
  2. Check the date information below and be ready to state on the Application Form when you are available to help.

We read all Event Team applications carefully and usually respond within 5 days.


Please await confirmation that your desired team membership (Advanced, Core or Post) has been confirmed - the times below are for guidance, they may change but they represent the minimum requirement we need from the team.


Team Role(s) TENTATIVE Required From TENTATIVE Required Until


Control Team (placing way-marking and event prep)

Tuesday 11/09/2018



General Team, Medical Team & Mountain Safety Team


09:00 Thursday 13/09/2018


19:00 Sunday 17/09/2017


Control Team (collecting way-makers and event dismantling) 


12:00 Monday 18/09/17



For 2018, the event team will be in 2-4 person dorm accommodation or you are welcome to bring a small camper van.


Please note we will hold the main Event Team briefing for everyone at 09:00 on Thursday 13th September.  It is essential that everyone attends.

For the Advanced Team, we will hold briefings in small groups before heading out.

Please remember that we only accept Event Team applications from people who can commit to the 'core' time requirement as a minimum.  We will not accept applications from anyone who wishes to take part in any of the races.


We are pleased to confirm the event credit you will accrue for this event will be £296 which is the combined amount of the four races at Salomon Skyline Scotland™.  Salomon will also be providing the event team with a waterproof jacket.