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SILVA Great Lakeland 3Day 2020

SILVA Great Lakeland 3Day 2020

Many thanks for offering to help at the SILVA Great Lakeland 3Day™ on the 8-10th May 2020. Before completing the form below please:

  1. Check that you are happy with our Event Team Terms and Conditions (HERE) as you will need to agree to these before you can submit your application. 
  2. Check the date information below and be ready to state on the Application Form when you are available to help.

We read all Event Team applications carefully and usually respond within 5 days.


Please await confirmation that your desired team membership (Advanced, Core or Post) has been confirmed - the times below are merely for guidance.


Team Role(s) TENTATIVE Required From TENTATIVE Required Until


Control Team (placing checkpoints)

0900 Wednesday 06/05/20

1800 Thursday 07/05/20


General Team, Medical Team & Mountain Safety Team

1200 Thursday 07/05/20

(the earlier the better)

1700 Sunday 10/05/20


Control Team (collecting checkpoints)

0900 Sunday 10/05/20

1800 Sunday 10/05/20



Please note that there is a briefing for the entire Event Team at 2200 on Thursday 7th May. It is essential that everyone attends.

Please remember that we only accept Event Team applications from people who can commit to the 'core' time requirement as a minimum.



Event Team Application Form


Please confirm which event(s) you wish to help at. If you are applying for multiple events via this form (that's great!) please check carefully the minimum time we require you for at each event (the 'Core' team time), and clearly state your availability (e.g. 'Advanced', 'Core', and/or 'Post' team).

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Personal Details

Please complete the Personal Details section below:

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The following section is important for determining your suitability for the wide variety of different support roles. Maximum of 500 words for each answer.

Role Preference

Whilst we can't guarantee your perfect role we will do our best to match your interests with our event roles.

Vehicles & Driving

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Health Information

Please provide any personal medical information that you think we should know about.

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Emergency Contact Information

Please provide contact details of someone you would like us to contact on your behalf in an emergency.

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