Dragon's Back Race® 2021

Many thanks for considering helping at the Dragon's Back Race® in September 2021.


We will welcome applications from 1st September 2020.

We have evolved the way in which we'd like people to apply to join the event team at the Dragon's Back Race® this year. To make things more efficient, we are asking that you apply through SiEntries, the same way you would if you were entering an event.

​Before we direct you to the entry system, please check that you are available for the core time as below:


Team(s) Role(s) Required From Required Until






We are looking for people for the following roles: 

  • Catering Team
  • Checkpoint Team
  • Wrangling Team
  • Support Point Team
  • Main Camp Team
  • Medical Team
  • Start/Finish Team
  • Electrical Team
  • Information Point


More information regarding the roles can be found when you click through to SiEntries to apply.