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Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 Event Team

Cape Wrath Ultra 2018 Event Team © Jimmy Hyland


Volunteering as a member of the event team is great fun and we are confident that you will have some memorable experiences, make some new friends and share many laughs. However, it is hard work and you can expect some long hours each day and must be prepared to work in all weather conditions.


As a ratio of participant entry applications, versus event team applications, it is often harder to get a place on the event team than an entry as a participant, so please apply early if you would like to help.


We always choose a balanced event team, consisting of a mixture of male and female helpers, across a range of ages and experience levels. The most important attributes a volunteer can bring is their willingness to help, a good sense of humour, a good work ethic and a big smile.


Important: We only accept volunteers who can attend the core time of the event as a minimum (see individual event pages for more information on 'advanced', 'core', and 'post' event teams) 


In return for volunteering, each member of the event team receives a credit (equal in value to a full price entry of the event they are helping at) that they can exchange towards the cost of entry into any other event organised by Ourea Events. Volunteers are welcome to build credit by volunteering at multiple events but this does expire after two years, for example if you volunteer at Marmot Dark Mountains 2019, you would need to use the credit by Marmot Dark Mountains 2021.


We are taking a NEW approach for recruiting at our larger events, starting with the Berghaus Dragon's Back Race 2019, where we will ask that you apply for a specific role, rather than us allocating you a role before the event. We believe that this will help set your expectations right from the start, and ensure we have a happy event team, supporting the event in roles they are suited to.  


There's never a dull moment! © Tom Hecht


Advanced, Core and Post Event Teams
The Core Team is available for the duration of the event and this is the minimum time commitment we require from anyone wishing to help. The Advanced Team arrives at the event venue typically 2-3 days before the Core Team to help with the set up. The Advanced Team typically consists of members of the Control Team who are placing checkpoints. The Post Team clears up after an event and usually this is completed in 1-2 days. 


General Event Roles
Our general event roles include tasks like manning the start, finish and support points; dismantling, packing, loading and moving the Event Centre or Overnight Camp to a new location (this often needs to be reassembled later that day!); helping with the pre- and post event set up like erecting and dismantling marquees and event infrastructure; supervising a road crossing; helping the catering team at peak times; and supporting the general event administration at peak times such as at registration or download. This list is not exhaustive! These general event roles can be done by anyone in the Advanced, Core or Post Team.


Specialist Event Roles
Some of the event roles are more specialist and require considerable experience and/or professional qualifications. This includes the Medical Team (we are looking for doctors/nurses/paramedics/MREW CasCare); the Control Team (we are looking for very experienced mountain runners who are capable of operating alone in the mountains and have first-class map and compass navigational skills to place and collect checkpoints); and the Mountain Safety Team (we are looking for experienced Mountain Rescue team members, MIC and MIA qualified personnel). Special Roles like Medical and Mountain Safety are usually only required during the Core Team times, but a number of the Control Team are always required in the Advanced and Post Teams.


We hope that this is not too confusing! 


Event Team Benefits
Anyone volunteering as an Event Team member will receive the following benefits:

  1. Main meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner (team members need to provide their own additional snacks if required).
  2. Travel expenses (£100 limit).
  3. Additional vehicle expenses if your vehicle is used, at our request, during the event (no limit).
  4. For 'Core Team' members a credit equal to the full value of the event.
  5. Credit can be used for team entries into Mountain Marathon events. 
  6. Credit can be used for some event shop items.
  7. When available, an Event Uniform (please check the individual event pages on the left for details).


Berghaus Dragon's Back Race® - those tents won't erect themselves! © Rob Howard


Paid Roles on the Event Team
Our event team at each event is made up of almost entirely volunteers but it is occasionally appropriate to have some paid roles. Our criteria for paid roles at events are:

  1. That there are no volunteers willing to take on the role
  2. That it would be inappropriate to ask a volunteer to take on the role
  3. That the person taking on the paid role has relevant professional qualifications for the role they are undertaking
  4. That the person taking on the paid role will be working as a bona fide third party contractor and that they have professional indemnity insurance for the role they are taking on

Anyone undertaking a paid role at an event will not be automatically eligible for the Event Team benefits. 


Volunteer Now!
If you would like to go ahead and volunteer at one of our events, please select the relevant event(s) on the left and complete the online application form. You will usually hear back from us within 5 working days. All members of the event team must agree to our Event Team Terms and Conditions when they submit their application form.