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Working with Ourea Events has a double benefit for sponsors. First and foremost, the company has a track record of delivering highly credible and well-organised events, and secondly, the company has an equally strong record of delivering high quality and quantity PR. This is because the Ourea Events team, has a background in marketing, brand management and communications and they are able to utilise their skills and contacts to drive PR for an event and on behalf of the sponsors. The benefit is two-fold, as the enhanced PR provides great value for money for sponsors and also drives participation in the actual event.


Take the Dragon’s Back Race™ for example:


The 2012 Dragon’s Back Race™ generated over 180 pages of media coverage (that we are aware of, and this number is still growing) from specialist outdoor and running magazines and websites to national broadsheet newspapers. In practice it is impossible to keep track of the overall amount of PR generated, but a clear indication is shown in the growth of websites referencing the Dragon’s Back Race™. This has grown from just several hundred obscure references to the 1992 race (in July 2011) to over 7,500 references on Google now. During the 2012 race, such was the interest in the event that #DragonsBackRace was trending on Twitter UK.


Building on the incredible momentum generated by the race, the film about the 2012 Dragon’s Back Race™ is now a multi-award winning production that is gaining rave reviews from all quarters and looks set to be an international success. It will be entered into over 30 international films festivals during 2013/14. More details HERE.


The combined PR from all these media sources has already generated a significant Advertising Value Equivalency and reached many 100,000s of active outdoor consumers.