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Late withdrawal from events

Please note that a participant’s interpretation of this page does not change our Terms and Conditions.


Each year a small number of participants at our events are disappointed not to receive a refund, or to be able to defer their entry when withdrawing from an event at a late stage. We have put this page together to explain the principle behind our Terms and Conditions found on each event's website.


First of all, at the beginning of 2018 we had a thorough review of the Terms and Conditions for each event and took detailed legal advice about our Terms and Conditions. Most importantly, we asked our solicitor to ensure that our Terms and Conditions are clear and fair to both us and the participants. By fairness we mean balancing the participants’ desire to have the flexibility to withdraw or amend their entry, with us as the organiser incurring cost on behalf of the participants as we plan the event. Obviously as we get closer to the event, we will have incurred more costs relative to each participant until a point when there is no change in our costs to organise an event if a participant does not attend. 


As a result of this review we updated our Terms and Conditions so that they offered considerably greater flexibility for participates to receive a refund or transfer their entry, and for most of our events this looks as follows:



As Ourea Events has grown and our events have become more popular, we are now finding that some of events sell out and that there is an official waiting list. Therefore, we felt that when we had a waiting list that we should offer a full refund (less any transaction fees at cost e.g. a credit card refund fee) right up to the day before an event for all our events except our expedition races, where the refund deadline is one week before. If there is no waiting list, we do not offer a refund.



If there is no waiting list and a participant still wishes to withdraw and recoup their entry fee, they can seek their own replacement participant. When a replacement has been found we will refund the original participant (less any transactions fees at cost, and an administration fee of £10), and the new participant takes their place. For most events, we will transfer an entry until registration closes, except for our expedition and skyrunning races, where the transfer deadline is one week before. 



For the Silva Great Lakeland 3Day™, the Cape Wrath Ultra™ and the Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race® we also allow participants to defer their entry. A request to defer an entry must be done approximately four weeks before an event. 


The request that often causes most problems both for us and a participant is a late request to defer an entry. As we explained earlier we need to balance fairness to the participant with fairness to us as the organiser. 


We advise that our participants get cancellation insurance to cover late withdrawal from an event, but unfortunately very few do this. By asking for a refund or deferment after our deadline the participant is effectively asking us to insure their potential withdrawal from an event for free! 


A good analogy is to consider non-refundable airline tickets, which we are all familiar with. Image that you had booked a holiday months in advance, but a few days before travelling you become ill or had an injury. In this instance you would not expect the airline to refund your ticket because you were unable to travel. If you had travel insurance, you may make a claim for the missed flight. Alternatively consider booking seats at a cinema and being unable to attend… would you expect a refund? The same goes for popular fell or trail race; imagine you enter in advance and late in the day are unable to run. You would not expect the organiser to refund your entry.


We want our Terms and Conditions to be fair and clear and we honestly believe that they are. The last thing that we want to do is disappoint our customers who we value highly, yet we do need to balance the financial risk fairly between us and the participant.